Linda provides services to help with difficult life transitions;

Loss of a Job
Grief in the Workplace
Divorce Adjustment
Acute or Chronic Illness, e.g. Cancer, Stroke, etc. (Linda currently helps facilitate a stroke support group with CNI-Colorado Neuro Institute and Rocky Mountain Stroke Center.)
Loss of Body Image
Death of a Loved One
Loss of a Child (Linda is a past chapter leader for Jefferson County Compassionate Friends.)
Physical Aspects of Grief
Pet Loss
Gender Differences (Grieving Styles)
Multiple Loss and Cumulative Grief
Family Grief
Funeral Planning
After Death Communications  (ADC’s)

Linda offers seminars, group counseling, "Facing the Mourning" group classes (4 week small interactive support group), email communications and more. Please contact us with questions or to schedule an appointment. Click here to sign up for our email list. Click here for upcoming events and news.