Linda Coughlin Brooks RN BSN CT
Bereavement Care, Counselor and Life Transition Specialist

Linda provides care for individuals and family systems struggling with grief and loss and life transition.  She has practiced Nursing in the Denver-Metro area for the past 37 years in a broad range of nursing specialties that bring expertise and perspective to her practice.   She is certified in Death and Grief studies from the Center for Loss and Life Transition and Colorado State University.  Linda is also certified in Thanatology, Death, Dying and Bereavement through ADEC, the Association of Death Educators and Counselors.

Linda has her own private practice in Greenwood Village, Colorado, helping individuals experiencing loss in their life.   She also facilitates support groups for grief and loss and has for the past 10 years.  Linda has worked with those mourning the loss of life as they knew it because of the death of a loved one, divorce, loss of a job, loss of body image secondary to illness or accident, job loss, pet loss or any major life transition.   Support groups for these areas of concern are beneficial and can minimize feelings of isolation.  As an example, Linda is currently assisting a support group at the Colorado Neuro Institute for Stroke Patients.

Linda understands the importance of providing a safe, confidential, nonjudgmental, unhurried environment where the pain of loss can be honored and the "work" of mourning can be done and encouraged.  It is an arduous journey from the pit of despair to the transition of finding hope, meaning and purpose in one’s life once again.

Definition:  Mourning is when we take the grief we feel inside and express it outside.

Linda believes this is not a journey we can do alone, and often our friends and family members are too protective and resistant to our pain of loss to help us with our grief journey. 

“I am honored when I am invited into the most intimate place in someone’s life to journey with them through the depth of their pain."        - Linda